Audit Benefits

CVC delivers audits that put publishers in the driver's seat. And as a publisher, it is more important than ever to recoup your investment in a circulation audit. With the data and credibility a CVC audit brings, publishers can see the true picture of their markets and position themselves against competitors for both circulation and advertising revenue.

Just like other supplies you purchase for your publication, circulation audits are tools. Publishers who complete an audit and are proactive in its use and promotion will see the full benefit of their investment.

What our customers are saying
This is to thank you for your help during our teleconference this morning. It was awesome. You were very informative, clear, concise and professional. The conference was productive and gave us tons of ideas on how to approach potential advertisers. I feel our salespeople now are more equipped to talk to clients and sell some more ads."

Wagner Dotto
Local News, Inc.

The training actually unlocks the power of the audit results and reports so that salespeople can go to ad prospects in each different business category and sell based on a defined and qualified target market. Sales reps now have something very specific and very important to talk about with potential advertisers."

David Matthews
Nutfield Publishing

After working with other industry circulation audit firms throughout the past 13 years of my daily newspaper career, it is refreshing to see CVC is so customer-friendly, informative and supportive of the publications your company audits."

Jason Sethre
Fillmore County Journal

Thank you for your audit training with our sales reps. It was truly beneficial, as always. There are a bunch of reasons why I appreciate having CVC audit the papers we publish, and the training you provide is at the top of the list. The information is valuable, useful and presented in a straight-forward fashion that our sales reps can put to use. Thanks for all you do for us and for our industry."

Shane Goodman
Big Green Umbrella Media

We made the right decision to have CVC conduct a sales training session with our sales staff. The short but powerful session was professional, informative and worth every second. The sales staff left the discussion with questions addressed and ready to hit the streets with an arsenal of compelling new information and the technique to properly use it in presentations with new and existing clients."

Ron Pilger
Camrose Booster

The audit contains information that regularly makes us more revenue and allows us to provide even more value to our advertisers. This is the third newspaper for which I've worked where we have had the benefit of the audit. Each time I've had the opportunity to sit through your training, I come away excited again about it. Thank you again for your time and efforts. I'll be stealing many of the ad and promotional ideas!"

Kate Thompson
Shenandoah Valley News, Essex Independent and Weekly

Our staff really enjoyed your training and valuable information. I think the sales team was very motivated to get out and share their new found knowledge with their customers."

Suzanne Warren
American Classifieds

The process was straightforward and logical, and the service we received from CVC was outstanding.”

Dale D. Parry
Signature Media

Great webinar!! No matter how many times I see the readership survey numbers used in your formula- it blows my mind at the power it adds to the sales process!"

Diane Ciotta
Training Classics

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