New Update Process for CVC Member Questionnaire Begins in 2009

Are media buyers getting the most current information about your publication?

"Buyers are counting on CVC for accurate reports and information for the publications we audit," said Tim Bingaman, president and CEO of CVC. "In turn, we count on publishers to notify us when changes take place at their publications that can have an effect on these buying decisions."

Information updates as simple as basic contact information, rate card and mechanical data must be updated regularly. If this information is out-of-date, media buyers are more likely to refrain from making a buy from that publication, or they may even have trouble getting in touch with someone to help them make the ad insertion.

Each week, CVC compiles changes received during the previous week and distributes them to local, regional and national media buyers. The most up-to-date information in CVC's database is also automatically posted to dozens of industry Web sites and media buyer databases. By updating your CVC database information, you are also keeping these organizations and more informed about your publication:

• Standard Rate and Data Service
• Alliance of Area Business Publications
• City and Regional Magazine Association
• Community Papers of Florida
• Community Papers of Indiana and Illinois
• Community Papers of Michigan
• Community Papers of New England
• Free Community Papers of New York
• Independent Free Papers of America
• Mid-Atlantic Community Papers Association
• Midwest Free Community Papers
• Minnesota Free Paper Association
• Pacific Northwest Association of Want Ad Newspapers
• Parenting Publications of America
• Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association
• Southwestern Association of Community Publications
• Wisconsin Community Papers
• PaperChain

New Process for CVC's Annual Member Questionnaire
In the past, CVC has asked members to fill out a member questionnaire each year. The CVC Media Board of Advisors told us they need more updated information, and we've instituted new policies to make this happen. Each month, starting in January 2009, CVC will provide a portion of the publications in our database with a PDF document containing the most recent information in the CVC database. Publishers will be asked to update anything that has changed or is blank on that PDF. Changes can be made in red type directly on the digital PDF file we send. Or, if you prefer, print out the report, mark changes, and fax or mail it back to CVC.

In addition, publishers can also update their information with a CVC representative at the more than 50 publishing conferences CVC attends throughout the year. Visit the CVC booth at these conferences for a print-out of the information we have on file for your publication. You may make the changes right then and there, or you can take it back to the office to update and return to CVC.

"Our goal is to allow all publishers to review and update their data frequently, allowing media buyers to easily include our clients in their buying evaluations," Bingaman said.

Get a Copy of Your Publication's Current Information
You don't have to wait until CVC contacts you in 2009 order to make changes. You may send your updates to us at any time. E-mail Karen or call her at (800) 262-6392 to request a copy of your current data.

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