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Thank you for visiting the CVC website. As founder and president, I’m proud of this company’s reputation for integrity and stringent methodology. Publishers and media decision makers alike count on CVC for the highest quality audit data available. This trust is important to the CVC team, and we strive for superior results every day.

CVC uses a for-profit business model, which allows our company to remain completely objective in its reporting practices. We run our business the same way as financial auditors and auditors of all other media. There's no power of influence because most publishers do not pay us directly for our services, so we can be totally impartial and just report the facts.

We do, however, utilize a highly qualified board of advisors for professional recommendations regarding our auditing and reporting procedures. This tripartite board is equally comprised of publishers, media decision makers and advertisers, who review our practices and help CVC precisely meet the needs of all involved in the industry we serve.

Today, CVC is known as the premier source of audit, circulation and readership data, and I’m proud of the work we do. I look forward to hearing from you with any questions about this site, our methodology or data.


Tim Bingaman
President/CEO, Circulation Verification Council

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