Understanding Circulation Terms Is Key to Wowing Media Buyers

Paragraph 5 of your CVC audit report contains several important terms related to circulation and distribution. The definitions that follow will help you use these terms correctly.

Net Press Run (paragraph 5G): The net press run is the number of good copies of your publication that roll off the press. This number includes copies that are used for internal purposes, such as office files and billing copies. The number on your audit report reflects the average net press run during the audit period indicated.

Gross Distribution (paragraph 5C): The gross distribution is the number of copies of your publication made available to readers in your market area. Gross distribution includes both controlled and paid distribution. Typically the gross distribution equals your net press run minus the internal copies that remain in your office. The number on your audit report reflects the average gross distribution for the audit period indicated.

Net Circulation (paragraph 5E): Net circulation is your gross distribution minus any returned or unclaimed copies. The net circulation is the number that media buyers truly care about because this is the number of copies that actually get into the hands of readers.

CVC Offers Free Training for Interpreting Your Audit
Publishers, be sure to set up a conference call training session with CVC to review your publication’s data. National averages, market and competitive influences, and other factors that affect your circulation information are difficult to interpret without this training. We provide this free service in order to help you accurately promote your audit. Please call 1-800-262-6392 to schedule your publication’s training.

See “5 Good Reasons to Sign Up for CVC’s Free Audit Training,” and be sure to schedule your conference training call during your next sales meeting.

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