CVC's New Sales Handbook Is Live!

Now available online, CVC’s new sales handbook, “How to Use Your CVC Audit to Increase Revenue: A Handbook for Publishers and Sales Representatives,” is packed with valuable information you and your staff can start using today. Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside:

Ideas for Marketing Your Audit
CVC makes it a top priority to market your audit and help you do the same. This section outlines all the ways CVC is promoting your audit for you, plus seven easy ways you can do the same.

Discover How to Create a Killer Sales Kit
We’ve devoted an entire chapter to a sales staple: the sales kit. In addition to listing the dos and don’ts for a great kit that gets you the attention you want, the handbook also goes in-depth on creating media comparisons and using circulation maps and testimonials to illustrate the strengths of your publication.

Learn to Calculate Purchase Intention Numbers
A purchase intention number is the number of readers that have indicated through a CVC readership study that they plan to buy a particular product or service in the next year. The number of interested buyers, that’s powerful data to pack with you when it comes to selling local display and classified ads! This chapter provides easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for determining this number for all the product categories listed in your readership study, including worksheets for organizing all your purchase intention numbers by category.

How To Use Purchase Intention Numbers To Generate Revenue
Once you’ve learned what your numbers are, the handbook will help you use them. We explain how a purchase intention number can help you prospect, drive display ads and increase classified ads. This chapter is a must-read for sales representatives. We’re certain learning the particulars on purchase numbers will give you a distinct advantage over the competition. After all, the most important thing an advertiser wants to know is “Can you produce buyers for me?”

Learning To Work With the Big Guns
Through CVC’s partnership with SRDS and other media listing services, CVC-audited publications are likely to have more exposure with chain retailers, corporate media buyers and ad agencies. We realize that many audited publications are still unsure about how to approach these potential advertisers. You’ll find a chapter of the handbook with tried and true advice on working with these advertising powerhouses. The handbook discusses how to organize a sales presentation for corporate buyers and chain retailers, how to leverage CVC’s advertiser database to identify sales leads, and how to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with advertising agencies.

Download the Sales Handbook Now
This handbook is free to all CVC-audited publications. In addition to being available on CVC’s Web site, it is also distributed to publishers upon completion of their audit. Information was compiled by publishers, media buyers and industry experts on advertising sales.

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