CVC Adds Buyer Contacts to Audit Promo Kit

CVC has always been dedicated to helping publishers use their audit and readership study data to increase sales. CVC's newly updated audit promotion kit will help you take your publications to new levels of success by giving you, free of charge, the names and numbers of media buyers in your area.

The revised promotional kit is automatically mailed to you upon completion of your annual audit. In your kit, you'll find a CD containing contact information for advertisers and agencies in your region.

"Our database contains thousands of media buyers throughout the country," CVC CEO Tim Bingaman said. "Once you and your sales representatives have completed conference call training, I encourage you to use our list to contact potential customers."

In addition to the list of buyers, the promo kit also includes all the components you've come to expect:

  • Top tips on using your audit to increase sales

  • The CVC logo in a variety of sizes for use in your publication, letterhead, media kit, rate card and other marketing materials

  • Directions for scheduling CVC's conference call training

  • Information on CVC's free buyer mailing service

  • An invitation to use CVC's toll-free number

  • Sample in-house advertisements that you can begin using immediately
"The most important thing a publisher can do to promote his or her audit is to schedule CVC's free customized review of your audit," Bingaman said. "These 30-minute conference call reviews are critical for learning your publication's competitive strengths."

An audit promotion checklist and several sample ads can also be found online in the Publisher Resources section of the CVC website under Audit Promotion.

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