New CVC Custom Maps Detail Distribution Zones, Carrier Routes

Earlier this year, Circulation Verification Council began providing free distribution maps with each audit. These maps allow national buyers to quickly see where a publication is distributed by showing state, county and zip code boundary lines, and city of publication.

The Circulation Verification Council is now offering reasonably priced additional custom mapping services to publishers and advertisers.

“We’ve come to realize that there’s a need in the industry for more sophisticated mapping projects,” Tim Bingaman, president and CEO of CVC, said. “CVC can now create more detailed distribution zone maps, plus we can overlay retail locations or even specific carrier routes, for example.”

Custom maps are developed based on the specific needs of the publisher or advertiser. For example, CVC can generate maps that show street boundaries of zoned editions, major cross streets within the zone and individual carrier routes.

Targeting Specific Demographics
Publishers may find customized maps useful to quickly illustrate circulation and readership information for media buyers interested in targeting a certain demographic. For example, CVC can create maps that show average household income or even buying habits by the zip codes in which your paper is distributed. View demographics map

Targeting Retail Locations
Maps can also be used to overlay a publication’s distribution area with retail locations and delivery areas. If a publisher is soliciting advertisements from a pizza delivery company for example, a map showing that the company’s delivery area is entirely within the publication’s distribution area could better illustrate the effectiveness of an advertising purchase.View retail map

“There are no limitations to what we can do,” Bingaman says. “These maps are 100 percent personalized, and each project is a custom price quote based on the advertiser’s or publisher’s needs.”

CVC’s customized maps can also:
• Illustrate zone or edition coverage area,
• Illustrate carrier route boundaries, or
• Be used in media kits and advertiser presentations.

Fees for expanded maps vary based on size and scope of the project. For more information on CVC’s mapping services, please call Lisa Schroeter at (800) 262-6392.

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