CVC Signs Second Exclusive SRDS Agreement

Circulation Verification Council has recently expanded its relationship with Standard Rate and Data Services. Earlier this year SRDS agreed to include information on PaperChain CVC-audited publications in its Newspaper Advertising Source. Now, CVC publications may also opt to include information about classified advertising in SRDS listings online and in print.

“If you feel your classified section is strong enough to support a listing, contact us immediately,” said Tim Bingaman, president and CEO of CVC. CVC has made a considerable investment to provide these additional classified listings at no charge to publishers.

There are about 500 ad agencies in the country that focus on recruitment advertising. Up to this point, their only option for placing classified ads was the newspapers listed in the classified section, according to Bingaman. “Now CVC audited publications are listed in SRDS alongside their competitors, allowing buyers to reach more targeted audiences,” Bingaman said. “The expanded listings provide more options to media buyers who may have been unhappy with their results from limited listings in each area.”

About 200 publications audited by CVC have recently been listed in the classified section, and some of these listings have already converted to sales.

Ron Burke, advertising and marketing director for The Washington Informer in Washington, D.C., received a schedule for classified display ads for United Airlines from Shaker Advertising Agency.

“We did not have a relationship with either Shaker or United prior to being listed in SRDS, and I am hopeful that we will receive many more ad buys as a result of our listing,” Burke said.

"The community papers that have been listed in SRDS have seen tremedous brand recognition from the media buying audience," SRDS publisher Trish Delaurier said. "They have also increased revenue with new advertisers buying the community papers."

According to Delaurier, SRDS reaches 98 out of the top 100 newspaper advertisers as well as top recruiting agencies. "This audience turns to SRDS to find papers in a market," she said. "And now they see the entire media landscape and are adding community papers to their plans. It's been a win-win for our subscribers and CVC/Paperchain members."

If you’d like to be listed in the classified section of the SRDS Newspaper Advertising Source, you must let CVC know. Only those publishers expressing an interest in the new classified listing will be included. Call CVC at 1-800-262-6392 or e-mail Karen Wood at to list your publication.

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